What our clients say about us

Prof Kannadhasan

IIM Raipur

Your product is wonderful. I have been wanting to build this type of modules for use by all

Prof R Srinivasan

IIM Bangalore

The two Simulations on financial statements and ratios are well done, of all the modules, these two would be best suited for the intro course that I teach in June.

Prof Hemant Manuj


The financial terminal is a quick and easy way to show live financials in the class. Also your portfolio game is unique. Students had a good time playing the game.

Prof Saravanan

IIM Trichy

Your product is impressive.

Prof Venkatesh

IIM Bangalore

Indian Capstone Simulations are a great way to empower faculty and students. Your Simulations on valuation are good.

Prof Kaveri Krishnan

IIM Vizag

My students worked on your fixed income Simulations and found the same very relevant.

Prof Pitabas Mohanty


Practitioner developed workouts looks unique to me. Once you tie up with a lot of practitioners, it probably would be a must-use by all the B-Schools in India

Vaidya Nathan K

Indian School Of Business

A Great Way To Bring Real Time Practice Modules To Students

N Sivasankaran


Apart from providing real time projects, the automatic scoring feature will be a great help to Instructors.

Gazia Sayed


My students enjoyed solving simulations and they create a work record simultaneously

Vasumathi Hariharan


The best part is education and skilling needed by recruiters happens simultaneously.

Dr Nalini Krishnan,

Chetana Management College

A wonderful initiative

These are some great simulations which provide a practical insight into financial analysis while making it fun at the same time. Would highly recommend this for anyone looking to enhance thier knowledge.

Navya Singhal

MBA 2019-21, IIM Indore

Thanks for providing such an amazing platform!

Omkar Shindekar

BCG, IIM Bangalore

Great simulations, it provides you with various methods for financial analysis. It will help your finance base strengthen.

Deep Gheewala

Finance Enthusiast, IIM Raipur

The simulations provided are apt for practicing knowledge acquired. It helps you find loopholes in your understanding of various concepts and further strengthens your foundation.

Vishal Singh

MBA (Finance), IIM Raipur

Simulations were interesting, and helped learn a lot about various aspects of finance.

Paridhi Agarwal

PGDM 21, IMI, New Delhi

The course offered the an better perspective to understand the concepts better. This was such a great initiative.

Febin Thomas

MBA, K J Somaiya Institute of Management

The entire course along with the simulations in particular, helps one get a greater insight of finance and accounting as a subject. I would definitely recommend this to my connections.

Bharath Kumar G


Great concept. Simulation based learning was really helpful.

Akshay ks

Sr Executive Member at Sports Club IIM Raipur

This is a really enriching way to spend this lockdown period. This is the time we amplify our knowledge and learn something new and useful.

vaishnavi murali

Senior Associate at NextServices
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