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Dear Instructor

Greetings and we wish you to keep safe through these difficult Covid times.

We are an online virtual finance lab providing live work like projects. Our product is NEAT, AICTE, Accredited.  National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) brings the best technological solutions using adaptive learning in niche areas having highly employable skill development as identified by a Committee of experts. 

Why use a skilling product for finance

Reason 1

Last month, we provided tests on financial modelling for IIM Shillong annual competition. Among 260 contestants from 160 Institutions just 38 contestants cleared the tests, and average scores was just 38%. Read more here.

Reason 2

In April, we collaborated with a wealth management firm for recruitment for the position of financial analyst. Over 150 candidates applied and just 10 passed the selection score criteria. 

Just like we use textbooks from different authors, online live projects help create a practical skilling program for learners. While instructors already cover most of these projects, there are some clear advantages to using structured assignments that provide multiple attempts to solve. The Committee of experts on the NEAT (AICTE) interview panel liked the following reasons while giving us accreditation:

  • Auto tracking ensures that every single student (poor and average performers) solve the projects.
  • Different company for each student - Every learner gets different company and this understanding different types of real-life situations.
  • Multiple attempts - students getting to solve multiple times means more practice, where they can make mistakes and find their own eureka moments of learning.
  • High quality – our simulations has evolved through use by leading professors.
  • Easy to assign and saves time in assessments.
  • Easily customizable for specific needs.

 “Strong work skills demonstrates good temperament for office work”

Important Features

  1. 120 simulations across 10 subjects. Accounting, financial analysis, Corporate finance, financial modelling, valuation, personal finance, mutual funds, derivatives, fixed income, wealth management with focus on Indian financial instruments.  
  2. 1- 1000 students’ simultaneous access
  3. Solution videos and study material for easy teaching and learning
  4. Virtual finance lab - Real time/ live corporate and price data
  5. Train with certifications and Test with exams. 
  6. Superior anti copying features for exams.
  7. Easy to assign and operate.  
  8. Automated score weblink for use in resume
  9. Proven student ratings above 4+ on 5-point scale
  10. Used by top institutions like ISB and IIMs.
  11. Customisable based on instructor inputs

Affordable Pricing & Demo

  • Up to Rs 50,000 free credit (with no commitment) for new Institutions to demo and try our product.  
  • Individual Tests and Certification pricing start at just Rs 100 per user
  • Annual usage pricing approved by AICTE committee at Rs 1800 – Rs 4000 per student based on number of users – This provides unlimited use and access.

How do we know it is good quality

  • AICTE Accredited
  • Used by leading professors – continuous quality upgrade.
  • We use standard methodologies as per best textbooks

Infrastructure requirement

Windows computer and MS excel 2013 or later editions, Chrome browser and good internet connection.

How to Access ?

Explore at Assign Skill Certificate

Send us a mail at founder@equitylevers.com and we will call you within 48 hours.

Open Competition

During Covid period, we offer an open competition for finance aspirants – 10 subject tests. You may suggest to your students and learners. 
End date of competition - June 30, 2021. 
The reward:  Top 50 scorers in each subject bundle will be awarded Certifications in the beginning of July 2021. Early submissions will be at an advantage. Winners will be communicated by mail. Read more about the competition here.

CA Badri Narayanan

Chartered Accountant and former Partner Ernst & Young

+91 9819104444