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Dear Finance Aspirant

Greetings and we wish you are keeping safe through these difficult Covid times.

If you are a finance aspirant, we invite you to participate in an innovative practical skills competition in this lock down period of April – June 2021. We offer a simulation-based finance competition where candidates will be required to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and get an exposure of how real-world finance operations takes place. Get insights about what core finance skills will be required for your dream job and measure your level of preparedness with the competition. Happy preparation and testing.

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Why Test Yourself?


Reason 1

Last month, we provided tests on financial modelling for IIM Shillong annual competition. Among 260 participants just 38 contestants cleared the tests, and average scores was just 65%. Solving with live projects in excel goes a long way in performing well in these types of competitions.

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Reason 2

In April, we collaborated with a wealth management firm for recruitment for the position of financial analyst. Over 150 candidates applied and just 10 passed the selection score criteria. You can be one of them once you master these work skills.

About EquityLevers

We are an online virtual finance lab providing live work like projects. Our product is AICTE, Ministry of Education Accredited and selected amongst best technological solutions for enhancing the employability of the youth. We cover 10 finance skills through 40 certifications.  We offer basic level to advanced skill simulations to help learners to "learn by doing" and simultaneously get scores and certifications. Subjects covered include, accounting, personal finance, corporate finance, investment analysis, derivatives, bond markets, mutual funds, Indian financial instruments, and wealth management. The platform also offers study material and video solutions for self learning and solving the tests. Several leading colleges like ISB, IIMs are our clients and learner ratings have been 4 plus on a scale of 5.

The Unique Free Competition

Equitylevers.com is a unique virtual finance lab offering live excel based projects to help learners prepare for job placements, competitions and in practical skilling.  During the Covid period, we offer an open competition for finance aspirants.

  • The Content - We offer a set of 10 free test bundles. You may participate in any 5 of these test bundles. Just make sure you solve and submit before June 30, 2021. 
  • The reward -  Top 50 scorers in each subject bundle will be awarded Certifications in the beginning of July 2021. Early submissions will be at an advantage. Winners will be communicated by mail.
  • Time frame - Each test bundle should take no more than 2-4 hours
  • Last Date for Submission - Just make sure you solve and submit your selected test bundles before June 30, 2021

Beyond these Tests, we encourage you to practice with more advanced problems to prepare for selection exams and competitions. 

Topics (Test Bundles)

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Buyback Analysis
  3. Financial Analysis and Comparative Study
  4. Analysing Debt Mutual Funds
  5. Understanding Accounting Terminologies and Accounting Equation
  6. Preparing Financial Statements
  7. Fixed Income - Basics of Bond and Yield Computation
  8. Real Time Company Analysis of Asian Paints and Dabur India
  9. Nifty Options
  10. Company Valuation: DCF, DDM, Relative Valuation

What if I am not able to solve and want to learn

Do not worry if you are not able to solve. We have you covered. You can subscribe to our certification option which not only offers multiple attempts but also provides study material and solutions. You can convert your tests into certifications at any stage.

How to Access & Eligibility

Sign up at our Finance Skill Library

Sign Up and you are good to start. Please note that the above tests are designed for testing essential skills and hence open for all.  No pre-qualification required. 


Step 1 - Our Products -->Finance Skill Library --> Under the Free Test tab (left), choose (click) the course of your choice --> Read the course outline --> click on Take this Course button (top-right corner of the screen) --> click Take as Free Test.

Step 2- Do this for 4 other courses of your interest and all the 5 courses that you choose will be available on your Dashboard -- Your Assignments -- Free Tests.

Essential Infrastructure

Laptop/Desktop computer; Windows OS; Excel 2013 or newer versions; Chrome browser and good internet connection to participate in this competition.

Are you part of an Institution and Corporate?  We offer up to Rs 50,000 free credit to Institutions and corporates for assigning Certifications to its learners. To avail of this, kindly ask your Institution management to reach us at founder@equitylevers.com for demo and access. Read more about instructor access here.