Investment Game

Live Investment Game - is the stock attractive ? Develop your own investor meter.

Analyse live financials and stock data for the company to decide stock attractiveness while competing with our algorithm.

Analyse 50 companies along the most important financial and valuation analysis process, commonly used by expert equity analysts, as listed below. For details on the analysis process read our ebook here.

  • Step 1. Financial Analysis
  • Step 2. Valuation Assessment

Please note that this does not cover business outlook assessment and other subjective and forward looking factors. The forward looking factors should be considered before investing. Please also note that you may feel a few answers are not correct when compared to our algorithm. This is because of interpretation – for example, we may have a more stringent criteria for growth than your assessment. This difference is part of learning that different people may have different view on the company. All the best.

You will need windows machine and ms Excel 2013 or later.

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