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Indian Capstone Simulations is proud to introduce a new way to learn business and finance skills - "by doing". Textbooks, videos tend to be passive ways of learning and multiple-choice questions-based testing interface is not good enough to test “Real Time Desk Readiness”. It is only when we practice (or test) with real data in an interactive environment, we understand.

What we do: We gamify real time corporate skills as “simulations that help train and test candidates” for use by businesses and academia. With the use of powerful spread sheet interface, we integrate real time data, training and assessment technology and expert level content for use as training and testing simulations. We are the only provider of testing content based on real time data with self-scoring and unique anti-copying features. You will find our simulations as substantial improvement over MCQ questions currently used.

We cover most of the finance subjects mapped to work roles and courses at leading university programs. We cover subjects like accounting, personal finance, corporate finance, credit, derivatives, commodities, forex...and numerous specialized use cases. We currently cover 12 subjects through 100 + simulations. Most of these work for numerous listed companies. This means there is an endless variety of simulations that effectively stops copying, as each user gets a different set of data

You will find simulations for every need; from basic level to intermediate and advanced modules.

Please review our Simulations here (PDF)

Please review our simulations here.

We did 2 live online webinars with about 200 instructors. These are quite in depth on the subjects:

We have a free certification course here. This will provide a good understanding of our simulations, simulation notes, solution videos and other processes. We encourage you to try it.

Our Leader Board shows the score record of many candidates and their scores. Please explore here.

User Testimonials are available here

Recruiter – For Screening candidates. Our simulations will help you evaluate the desk readiness for a role.

You can easily assign these simulations to your target candidates. You can choose – number of attempts allowed, time duration, do you want to show scores or correct answers and many other features. Each excel module is encrypted with several features. Scores for each simulation will build up on your page as and when your candidates upload answer simulations. All this can be done using one single batch of all candidates so that you can track.

Instructor in – For use as training module or as exams

It will take just 2 minutes to create a batch and assign simulations. Integrate in your class sessions at assign at the end of sessions or give as final exams. You can assign them any number of times till your students are able to solve it. The best feature is scores are auto generated so that your precious times is saved from marking the students.

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We are AICTE recommended for use by business schools. We are in use at leading colleges like Indian School of Business and IIM’s. Leading professors and practitioners have reviewed our product and used in their classes and as tests. We make sure we use best standards in our simulations. We are anyway only a call away for any clarifications.

As a business or academic institution, you can choose amongst one or more of the following plans:.

1 - 3 month Access plans – suitable for a specific course or for recruitment campaign

2 - 12 month Access plans – suitable for multiple access by Institutional users

3 - Certification courses – suitable for self-certification by Institutional candidate users

Read Detailed FAQs about our product and minimum Infra needs for our product here