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All India Council For Technical Education

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The Problem We Solve

We help bridge the gap between education and employment through real life practice projects designed around live events. We help solve the following key questions:

How to provide real life corporate practice projects to candidates?

How to build a work track record for employment with real projects?

How to recruit and train quality employees with real projects?

Enable every finance aspirant upto 200 hours of actual skills needed in the real world. Enhance employability!

Indian Capstone Simulations

We introduce Indian Capstone Simulations – to enable candidates to work on hands-on projects that let them apply and practice with live problems. These live projects are identical to those used by corporates in live situations.

Practitioner Designed

Designed by practitioners, these projects use excel to develop excel skills, and consist of live data and recent corporate situations to enhance intuition for live holistic analysis.

You Will Be In Good Company

About Indian Capstone Simulations

  • A window to actual work environment
  • Built by practitioners, each practice project is focused on delivering key analysis and decision-making skills in a variety of subjects and situations.
  • Continually updated with latest Indian situations, ensures continued relevance of the projects
  • Provides upto 200 practice hours (> 50 projects) for each candidate - with live Indian situations.
  • Each excel work out is self-scoring enabled. These projects allow easier candidate skill assessment and evaluation.
  • Each candidate will be able to save their projects and build their track record
  • We think candidates who successfully complete 15-20 projects are ready to work in any business/financial analysis role
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It’s free and easy to get started

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Where to use
Indian Capstone Simulations

During Session

During and after a teaching session – delivered by instructor / trainers to give practical experience


As part of practice school


For Candidate evaluation – these projects are much more than multiple choice questions or psychometric tests. They test work skills with complete live projects

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Subjects We Cover

We add a new update every fortnight and will keep adding new subjects based on market needs.

Unique Education Financial terminal

We present data as a trend to show industry growth and changes in a company’s market pricing and valuations over time. Viewing them as a trend helps in better understanding of the same concepts. For a better experience, access the terminal using a laptop/monitor.Terminal

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About us

This platform was developed by a group practitioners and professors with experience from leading corporates like Ernst & Young, Bosch, Kotak Bank, ICICI Bank etc

This platform was developed after rigorous pilots with students at leading colleges including IIM Bangalore and BSE Institute. The founder is a Chartered Accountant and a former Partner at Ernst & Young with extensive teaching and corporate experience.