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Upolad Answers
Accounting & Financial Analysis
Accounting & Financial Analysis
Create financial statements from live listed company's trial balance. for - Comp 41
Leveraged Finance
Leveraged Finance
Use of leverage in financing decision.
Investing & Corporate Finance
Investing & Corporate Finance
In this game, candidates will learn to gauge embedded growth expectation in the market price for most listed companies. This will also show when the growth metric was conducive to making investments. for - Berger Paints India Ltd.

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Essential Instructions

  • You will need excel 2013 or after. Prior versions will corrupt the file and you wont be able to get your score.
  • Make sure you enable macro’s. Follow all instructions carefully.
  • These projects are akin to real life work. Budget 1-2 hours to complete each project before your start work. You will be required to complete project in one sitting. Each project will need to be completed within specified time.
  • You will be shown your score and will have a second attempt to improve your score prior to submitting the project.
  • Certificate will be issued if you score more than 60% in the project set. Your best score from the projects will be taken for award of scores.

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