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We introduce a new way to learn finance skills - "by doing". Our mission is to provide a virtual personalized finance lab to every user with host of essential simulations for developing working knowledge in finance and special use financial simulations suitable to develop real job skills. We think this will help in better skill development and is a logical next step to current text book and video based learning. We use excel and real time company and price data to build the simulations. Each simulation is built with inputs from practitioners and leading professors so that a complete work environment is created through simulations. Our simulations and certifications are easy to access, scalable, self scoring enabled, self explained, and affordable.

Our simulations are mapped to work roles and courses at leading university programs

• Just Sign up and Get 2 free Certifications. Choose any 2 from our 15 Basic level certifications

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• Watch how a simulation works – In this simulation the candidate builds a cashflow statement like in Annual Report from a P&L Account and Balance sheet. Click Here How cashflow analysis live project works

• Our Compendium of Simulations - Brochure

• Blogs on some specific simulations are provided below

• These certifications can be accessed directly by users (candidate/ student) and

• Certification can be assigned as tests or certifications by instructors or evaluators (please read more below)

• The certifications are indexed and marked for its competency level.

• Placement preparation for students

• Building financial working skills

• Recruitment tests

• Training tests

• Competitions

• Orientation for non finance students

• 10 finance subjects. Personal finance, accounting, cost accounting, common business finance skills, corporate finance, valuation, financial modelling, fixed income securities, derivatives.

• We will soon launch industry specialised work projects

• Currently we offer 100 simulations and about 40 certifications. We expect to offer 200 real work simulation by end of 2021.

• Our mission is to offer all practical financial skills at very affordable prices. A subscription of just Rs 8000 will enable our users to work on 20 certifications across several subjects. For more details kindly access our subscription page

• Each certification comprises 2-4 real work projects (simulations) which can be solved in a maximum of 2-5 hours

• For each simulation we provide study material and also video solution of how it is solved to enable self learning. We also provide 3 attempts at each simulation

• Each simulation is enabled with auto scoring and certification features.

• Certification will help to demonstrate skills during job interviews in the respective finance subjects. These will also help as work internships.

• The simulations within each certification can be offered as evaluation or recruitment tests. When assigned as tests, these will not include study material and video solution and provide just 1 attempt to solve. The scores will get delivered to the instructor/ recruiter.

• You can configure – number of attempts allowed, time duration, do you want to show scores or correct answers and many other features. Each excel module is encrypted with several features. Scores for each simulation will build up on your page as and when your candidates upload answer simulations. All this can be done using one single batch of all candidates so that you can track.

• Explore our Leader Board to understand our scoring and certification features. We award certificates to those who complete 3/4th of the number of simulations in a certification course with at least 50% marks in each simulation.

• Our product has worked with 1500 + students simultaneously. There is no limit to number of simultaneous users

• To provide real world context, most of our simulations are based on real time company and price data. For example we use CCIL data for fixed income products and NSE Bhav copy for derivative projects.

• For each simulation, every user gets different set of data and hence no user can copy

• Each simulations is built with timer, attempt, scoring controls that allows complete learning and testing management system

• We are AICTE recommended for use by business schools. We are in use at leading colleges like Indian School of Business and IIM’s.

• Windows laptop/ computer (our simulations do not work on mobile)

• Excel 2013/ 2016/ 2019/ office 365

• We provide a excel certification module which can be used to learn basic skills.

• Once user has signed in, all necessary support is offered through the personalised DASHBOARD.

• Our FAQ’s provide detailed instructions for use and trouble shooting

• Over 15000 users from leading IIM and ISB institutions have used our product with great feedback.

• We have set up WhatsApp support and also users can write at for any technical and functional questions.

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