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Our mission as an EdTech Company is for financial Skilling

Just like learning a sport, real world finance skills develop with extensive practice. Most teaching material in textbooks and videos are focused on knowledge and not so much on practical skilling needed for the workplace. Real-life problems are more holistic and require concepts from multiple chapters and subjects to be used for solving a problem set. Also, practitioner skills is mostly learned through observation. Our endeavour is to fill this important gap and enable a lot of practice for our users.

We are a finance education company. Some of our skilling simulation products are approved by AICTE, Ministry of Education for use in building financial skills for job roles sector. Our products are in use at leading finance colleges like IIMs and ISB.

We offer 3 skilling products

We are not SEBI registered advisors. Our Finance Lab should be viewed from an education and continued learning / practice perspective only. Our ideas should not be construed as any form of financial advice to buy or sell stock.

These are similar to selection tests taken by employers/ recruiters and also are routinely used in everyday financial work. If you are pursuing, BCom, BFM, MCom, CA, MBA, Cost Accountancy, financial planner, wealth management courses etc, you will find these tests useful to prepare yourself for competitions, job placements and finance roles. If you are pursuing engineering or other courses but interested in stocks and mutual fund investment analysis (and hence have basic idea of finance), you will find our tests useful towards building your finance skills. Each of our simulation is an excel based structured assignment built around live listed company data and market prices giving a feel of real work.

Important Information

  • • Access the free product at after free sign up.
  • Prerequisites- Only basic knowledge of accounting and excel is necessary. For using excel we provide a primer which you can use to learn.
  • • For free trial, a full certification has been enabled.
  • • Each certificate provides study material, actual solution recording video (no audio) and 3 attempts.
  • • Each simulation is built with self scoring and adaptive learning features including auto certification to help promote “learning by doing” in respective skill areas. Certification is issued based on 50% aggregate score in 3/4th of the number of projects in the certification bundle.
  • • The tests cover basic and intermediate level. Subjects include accounting, corporate finance, derivatives, fixed incomes, wealth management and personal finance subjects.
  • • Please plan 1- 4 hours for each certification. Full courses will take longer. Each excel project (simulation) should be attempted in one sitting.
  • • You will need Excel 2013 or later and windows computer to solve the above problem sets.
  • • If you are looking to complete practice projects as per AICTE approved course curriculum, please choose modules from "AICTE course curriculum mapped programs" in Accounting and Finance and Securities Finance.

Types of Assignments

  • • Each listed assignment in the Train and Test Finance Skills – For Instructors & Recruiters contains 2-3 simulations. You can assign these as certification or as tests. When you assign these as certification, the candidate will get study material, 3 attempts, and video solutions. Also, the user gets certified. When assigned as a Test (an exam), the candidate gets only one attempt.
  • • To enable access, kindly write to us to set up as Instructor.
  • • Single use: Post set up, select from the list of assignments in this page, upload your candidates, pay the price mentioned and assign. Each assignment is a separate batch. Candidate results will be available on the monitor progress button.
  • • Multiple use: We have very attractive packages approved by AICTE, Ministry of Education for Institutions. Refer pricing (point 5) below
  • Subjects covered: This product offers live practical projects (simulations) in 10 finance subjects including, accounting, personal finance, corporate finance, investment analysis, derivatives, bond markets, mutual funds, Indian financial instruments and wealth management.
  • Number of simulations: 120; Number of Test/ Certification bundles: 41
  • • 1-5000 simultaneous users
  • • Each simulation is built with self scoring and adaptive learning features including auto certification to help promote “learning by doing” in respective skill areas.
  • Top features: Password control, timer for each simulation, auto scoring, ranking. For more details read here.
  • Free offer for first time user Institutions: Free credit of upto Rs 50,000 to institutional users as a trial access and provides full access. For access write to us at
  • • Watch a video - How to assign
  • - questions from your users will be answered by our support team.
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Please try some different phrase like 'password file'.

• You will need a PC or Laptop.You cannot work with mobile phones.

• Use Chrome browser only

• Use windows OS

• Use MS excel 2013 or later versions

Close all other excel files before using our simulations

• Password file will download automatically. Enable popups for download in your chrome browser.

• Open and work on the download file from default download folder only.

• If excel hangs, close and reopen. Else read point 3.

Enable edit and macros & content in downloaded excel file.

• Before uploading your completed file, refresh the page and re-login. Delete any existing file and then re-upload.

All our simulations are excel based and MS-excel tends to hang at times whilst you are working on them. This could be due to various reasons such as software, RAM, high usage of CPU memory. Hence don’t open multiple excel workbooks. If open, close all of them and only keep the one  you are working on open.

Suggestions: One way is to close and re-open the file. Else on your excel file, you could Click on ‘Home Tab’, ‘Click on ‘Macros’ (the last option under Home Ribbon). A dialogue box will appear. Click on ‘Run ’. The timer/other functions should start and you should be able to work without hindrance.

It’s very easy to assign a course and get started.

Step 1 - Go to Finance Skill Library

Step 2 - You have 3 options on the left - Search for a course under "All" ; or Take a Free Test; or Select a course "Subject" wise

Step 3 - Select your desired certificate course (free/paid) by clicking on the image.

Step 4 - You wil get the course details.

Step 5 - Sign in/sign up from the top right corner

Step 6 - Click on ‘Take this Course’ button at top right corner

Step 7 - A pop-up will appear with options to either take as free test or buy as a single certificate or subscribe to our plans

Step 8 - Follow the steps mentioned therein and the course is visible by clicking on ‘View my course

Follow these simple steps to view your assigned courses.

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Sign in/sign up from the top right corner

Step 3 - You will be taken to your Dashboard.

Step 4 - Under Your Assignments, you will see all your subscribed tests/certificates under Tests/Certificates sections.

All simulations can be downloaded and attempted thrice. Once you are satisfied with your score, upload your sheet on the website.

‘3’ near the download button specifies the number of times you can download the file. Once you have exhausted your limit, you won’t be able to download the simulation further.

Our simulations currently work on MS Excel 2013 (Application Version 15) and later. If you have a version older than that, our simulations will not work and you are required to update your Excel version.
Go to this link to check the excel version --> Click here

You can upgrade your excel version using this link --> Click here


Install a newer version. However, before doing so uninstall the older version. Students can get a free Office 365 version by logging onto the Microsoft site using their existing student email. (Click here to install Office 365 for students-free version)

We recommend using Google Chrome browser for better experience. In case, you are using any other browser the password file may not pop-up. On switching to Google Chrome, you will get a pop-up after downloading the file as shown below. Click on ‘Password File’ to proceed.

Once you download the excel files using Google Chrome, you will get a pop-up as shown below, asking you to download the password. If you did not get the pop-up, refresh the website/clear cache for the same. Also, check your downloads folder/path where downloads are saved, for the password file.

Close all other excel files before opening the downloaded workbook. Otherwise you may get excel error messages internal to Microsoft Excel. The password box will open. Enter the password provided in the text file to open the sheet. You only have 3 login attempts in the excel sheet. Afterwards the file will get locked and you will have to download a fresh workbook all over again. Once you have entered the correct password, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO..

Follow these simple steps to find your file.

Step 1 - Check your default download folder on your computer or search the file name to see where it has been saved.

Step 2 - Work on your file only from the default download folder on your computer.

Step 3 - Check Chrome browser - security settings. Enable download of macro files and also change default download folder to Download

Step 4 - Check your Antivirussettings to see if it is preventing download of macro-enabled excel files If so, permit download.

Our simulations are macro enabled excel simulations. If macros are disabled in your excel file, ‘Getting Started’ tab will not function. You need to enable macros to proceed.

On the top of your excel sheet you will be prompted to enable macros. Click on ‘Enable Macros’. Click on ‘Enable Content’. Click on ‘Enable Editing’.

If you are not able to enable macros, use this link and follow the steps mentioned. (How to enable macros in excel?)

Once you follow the above steps, your ‘Getting Started’ tab will work.

‘Getting Started’ tab will function after you follow the above mentioned steps. If not, please check your excel version and also check if you have a valid and active license for your excel. Link to check

For any Run-time error, ensure no other excel file is open. If yes, close all other workbooks to avoid such issues. Press ‘End’ and close the current file. Reopen the same file, you will be prompted to insert password. Follow the steps as mentioned in the previous questions.
Once you click the ‘Start’ button even if you close the file timer keeps running in the background and when you reopen the file you get the remainder time.

After uploading your answer sheet on the website, you will not get an option of resolving the same simulation. However, before submitting on the website you are allowed 3 downloads per simulation to score as high as possible. Thus, you can improve your scores by downloading and resolving before submission on the website. After submitting on the website, you can only view the correct answers and learn from it.

After uploading the simulation file on the website click on the ‘Submit’ button. The simulation status will change to 'Submitted' and an eye icon will appear under column 'Your Score'. Click on that eye icon to see your final uploaded score. Once this is done you cannot reattempt the same simulation.

Once the status of the simulations changes to 'Submitted' on the website, you will get a 5 digit number under column Ans Password. Enter that number in your excel file to view the answer key.

Please ensure to arrive at answers in your question sheet by linking to sheets/cells with the data provided. Do not enter/copy numbers manually from data provided in the same/adjacent sheets.  Since this is an excel based test, punching the values manually may result in minor rounding-off errors which may affect your scores.

Watch a brief video on how our simulations work

If you have linked the values while solving and this issue persists, mail your solved excel workbook to

You have to complete all the simulations of a course by solving and uploading your submissions to our website. Once done, then you will be issued a certificate if you have secured scores of 50% and above in at least 3/4th or more of the total no of simulations. i.e., If there are 8 simulations in a course, you will get a certificate once you have completed all 8 simulations and have scores of 50% and above in 6 or more of them. Update your profile (a few details from your profile including your pic/logo is displayed on your certificate) and then ‘Get Your Certificate’. However, in future, some courses may have additional/different criteria. These shall be highlighted under the respective courses. Please take note of them when you subscribe to them.

To download and share your certificates:

Under ‘My Course’, click on ‘Completed Certifications’. Here you will find list of courses you have successfully completed. Now click on ‘View Certificate’ option against the respective course. Your certificate will appear. You can download by clicking on ‘Print’ button. You can also share them with your network by clicking on ‘Share’ button.

While printing the certificate, select ‘Portrait’ mode option. Go to ‘More Settings’ and select ‘Background Graphics’.

Yes. We will shortly be enabling sharing of your certificate on LinkedIn. Until then please download the certificate and post it on your LinkedIn page.
Currently the Leaderboard shows top 20 performers of a Skill Certification Course. In the future, this will be expanded to display the top 10/20% performers of a course and this honor list will be shared with potential employers. You need to work hard to get to the top.
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