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Indian Capstone Simulations is proud to introduce a new way to learn business and finance skills - "by doing".    Textbooks, videos tend to be passive ways of learning and multiple-choice questions-based testing interface is not good enough to test “Real Time Desk Readiness”.  It is only when we practice (or test) with real data in an interactive environment, we understand.

What we do: We gamify real time corporate skills as “simulations that help train and test candidates” for use by businesses and academia. With the use of powerful spread sheet interface, we integrate real time data, training and assessment technology and expert level content for use as training and testing simulations. We are the only provider of testing content based on real time data with self-scoring and unique anti-copying features. You will find our simulations as substantial improvement over MCQ questions currently used.

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  • Watch In-depth webinar video to learn more about our real time projects
    1. Accounting and financial analysis subjects: Webinar 1
    2. Security Analysis, valuation subjects, derivative subjects : Webinar 2
  • Experience our real time simulations. Assign yourself a course
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