Embed Live Learning

Faculty and students can embed live learning in classrooms


The problem - Over 3 million students study finance at various colleges across the country. Besides financial analysis, strategy and investing are core subjects for employee training and growth. However, teaching pedagogy is theory centric in many classrooms.

In our view the reasons are:

  • Course content is designed around text books and not around live events.

  • Shortage of quality professors with ability to bring live learning to classrooms.

  • Data and tools are not easily accessible to all. Specifically, student cannot carry the tools for further practice.

  • Finally, existing financial terminals and databases being designed for investors, are complex / expensive for students and most retail investors.

A live environment for learning and investing

“A child learns by being and interacting in live environment”. Today, top institutions and corporates offer experiential and live learning by inviting top industry experts for lectures, use advanced tools and finally enable industry connect opportunities through specialized programs.

Finance is best learnt and practiced with live data and examples.

Our Mission

Provide live data, content, educational simulation tools and simplified money management tools to:

  • Enable embedding live content in learning situations.

  • Offer professional tools and services for continued practice.

Embed Live Learning

Faculty & Students can embed live learning in classrooms
Financial Analysis
  • Learn ratios with live company data
  • Back test impact of ratios on performance
  • Expert case studies on recent financial analysis events
Accounting & Governance
  • Insightful cases on live accounting, related party issues faced by companies
Strategy, Policy & Other Corporate Issues
  • Analysis on recent announcements and news
Industry Analysis
  • Expert PPT presentations on company industry analysis
  • Step by step process with pointers on major issues
  • Regular update with new companies
Expert Presentations & Discussion On Recent Market Topics
  • Wide range of topics
  • With expert insights
  • Expert PPT presentations on valuations
  • Step by step process with pointers on major issues
  • Regular update with new cases
  • Tests based on live recent events
  • Prepare students for real world and the questions interviewers ask
Education Friendly Tools
  • Unique screeners, Industry comparison tools, projection tools, excel models
  • Students can easily learn use of tools
  • Login for each student
Publish Project Work
  • Best project work gets published online
  • Provides better colour to employers on the students


  • Our platform for use by faculty and students. The platform will assist in teaching finance, policy, investing, accounting and strategy courses. We provide training to faculty to use our modules.

  • Our platform for use as an affordable financial terminal

  • We offer live teaching modules led by practitioners and analysts. The courses are designed around live data and analysis. We currently teach modules at BSE Institute, Sydenham and IIM B.

    These are 2-day sessions to 40-hour full credit courses on topics like financial analysis, investing, company analysis, accounting etc. Our programs have been well appreciated by students.

    They like the content which is entirely live, and case based, and that they get to remain in touch with skills through the platform.

Our platform will ensure learner involvement

We provide a specific login for each learner. Tasks and tests can be assigned by professors to students and this can be monitored. Students also get to publish their best project reports online for building reputation. Soon, we will be launching industry projects for students to work on

Unlike other terminals which are focussed on investors, we are the first to create a platform for training and tracking.

Free use for initial period – during launch

We offer free use of the platform for short demo period. Start by just registering to the site – this requires just a valid email id. We are happy to get feedback to make the platform better - Do write to us at feedback@equitylevers.com

Our top 10 unique tools are as below:

Company & Industry Data

Essential Training On Ratios

Case Studies On Latest Events

Powerful Screeners

Forward Estimation Tools

Presentation On Live Simulations

What's In The PE

Professor Tracking Tools

Live Event Based Tests

Fully Linked Excel Models

Expert Trainers


Our live data, content and tools offer the ability to embed live analysis to learning
Investing, Accounting, News Analysis, In-depth research, Policy, Strategy etc.
Company Analysis
How to do detailed financial analysis on a company
Select a company and look for growth, stability and valuations. We provide all the necessary data in easy to use formats
Industry Analysis
How to evaluate an industry
Select and industry and watch if its growth engines are firing or if they are faltering. Use our Industry analysis section to compare companies across parameters easily.
Assessing growth expectations
Learning to assess future growth expectations.
Listen to Mr market - find what growth is market assuming. Use our What's in the PE tool.
Finding Levers that drive businesses
Learn how financial and strategic levers evolve for companies over a period of time
Financial and strategic levers drive company performance. We will decode the levers for many more industries - keep watching us
Analysing news and events
Learn to analyse news events
We will have write up on the most important market trends
Using Screeners
Learning how to find companies to analyse
Use our powerful screener to discover ideas
Using Excel Models
Learn how to build excel models.
We provide fully linked excel model for most companies
Tracking companies and keeping notes
Best way to understand companies is to track them regularly.
We provide unique tools to record your estimates during training/ tracking so that you can become better at predicting the future.
In depth Analysis of corporate Issues
Devil is in the details.
Review our case study section for in depth analysis of corporate issues
Course modules from experts.
Student Project work
Publish your reports online
Gain experience and show your skills to your employers
Industry Projects
Coming Soon
Work on live projects


EquityLevers has been built by financial analysts and investors. In the testing phase, we worked with leading colleges which have contributed extensively to the development of this platform. We are grateful to BSE Institute, Sydenham Institute of Management, Chetna Institute of Management, IIM Bangalore and besides numerous students from leading Institutes including CFA aspirants.

Contact Us

Visit Our Desktop site:


Call us for a detailed demo.

We are reachable at badri@equitylevers.com

Phone: +919819104444


Badri Narayanan, Founder EquityLevers, is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience and was a Partner with Ernst & Young focusing on corporate finance and turnaround. He is a keen investor in Indian equity markets and has developed an algorithm and tools for investing that helps him track over 500 companies. He also teaches corporate analysis skills at colleges. Many seasoned practitioners and professors are associated with this initiative, namely:

He is a keen investor in Indian equity markets and has developed an algorithm and tools for investing that helps him track over 500 companies. He also teaches corporate analysis skills at colleges. EquityLevers helps develop and practice corporate analysis skills.

Many seasoned practitioners and professors are associated with this initiative, namely:

  • Vinod Nair, Head Academics, BSE Institute

  • Professor Panchapakesan, IIM Bangalore

  • Vikram Kuriyan, Prof ISB

  • Karthik Muthuswamy, Fund Manager

Data and Valuation Multiples
What’s the growth
Financial Models
Unique Industry Analysis
Powerful Screeners
Forecasting and Tracking
Event and News Analysis
Case Studies
Publishing Tools
Student Tracking Tools


Certification Partner

Explore our unique Analysis tools

Data, Insights and Analysis Tools for Education and Analysis

Excel models, Screener, Peer analysis, Industry analysis, Insights, Interpreting annual reports/ numbers, Management commentaries…and much more. Access Financial Terminal

Learn through Immersion

Improve your learning experience with real life examples.

Our course modules comprise examples from real world that help explain concepts and key skills required in the real world, and are based on subjects taught at colleges and professional curriculums. Modules have been compiled based on practical skillsets by experts in respective subjects. Repeatedly recognising the patterns and knowldege (Immersion) in this way will improve your learning outcome. Click any of the modules to learn more and start learning and recognise and imbibe patterns. More the practice better learning outcome and confidence! Click subjects below to start learning.

Join Our Growing Analyst Community

Work With us
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If you are an experienced analyst, you can work with us in developing case studies for use in colleges and schools.
Industry Specialists, Policy Specialists, Equity Analysts, PMS Advisors etc who can contribute their success stories and learnings for the benefit of education while building their reputation.
1) Publish case studies in your name.
2) Free access to site.
3) Opportunity to earn money on the usage of your cases.
4) Fixed remuneration per case based on your experience
5) Join our panel and get expert leads and assignments
We will revert within 48 hours.

SEBI Regulations: Each case is at least 3 months old. In our view, expressing an analysis on past event for educational purposes is not barred by Sebi laws. We mark all our cases “for use for education purposes only”

Student Community:
Many student analysts from IIMs, NMIMS, FMS etc are learning the science and art of financial analysis in our internship projects.
Please write to us - sei@equitylevers.com


I would like to bring real life experience into class rooms.
Professor Venkatesh, IIM Bangalore.
I believe that equitylevers is a powerful concept and has all the tools required for company analysis and stock picking.
Vinod Nair, Head Academics and Product Development at Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd.
I like the idea.
Vikram Kuriyan, Head Investment Labs, ISB
This is the only Website that provides complete analysis tools, including 20 quarter/ 10 year financial data organised alongside market value in each of the past periods, levers as to what really happened in those periods, and useful learning insights.
Sandeep Erramilli, CFA level 2 cleared.
As of now there is no website that provides levers driving a company in an educational format. Company background, management commentary, fully linked model, 10 year Xray is very useful to analyse a company.
Rahul Gupta, NMIMS, PGP 2019
Real time case studies developed @EquityLevers help bridge gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical implication. Here I worked on the analysis of various companies over multiple facets and it immensely helped me improve my understanding of company & industry as a whole.
Anand Parekar, SIMSREE, MMS 2018
Great learnings from implementing my MBA Finance knowledge for company analysis.
Ganesh Laddhi, JBIMS, PGP Class of 2019
Students like to carry a record of their work to the job market.
Shaleen, FMS, PGP 2019
By studying a company’s operations and finances, equitylevers project helps a student understand the underlying levers at play for the company and industry. With a wealth of experience, the team is very approachable and helps us learn the insights to further enrich our learning.
Venkat Samala. IIM Bangalore, PGP Class of 2019


Our financial workshops have benefited students at leading finance/MBA colleges.