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About us

We are a group of practitioners and professors. These are developed by practitioners with experience from leading corporates like Ernst & Young, Bosch, Kotak Bank, ICICI Bank etc.

We developed this platform after rigorous pilots with students at leading colleges including IIM Bangalore and BSE Institute. The founder is a Chartered Accountant and a former Partner at Ernst & Young with extensive teaching and corporate experience.

About Indian Capstone Projects

  • A window to actual work environment
  • Provides upto 200 practice hours (> 50 projects) for each student - with live Indian situations.
  • Built by practitioners, each practice project is focused on delivering key analysis and decision-making skills in a variety of subjects and situations.
  • Continually updated with latest Indian situations, ensures continued relevance of the projects
  • Each excel work out is self-scoring enabled. These projects allow easier student / candidate skill assessment and evaluation.
  • We think students who successfully complete 15- 20 projects will be ready for work in any business, financial analysis role
  • Each student will be able to save his projects and build his track record
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