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About Us

Indian Capstone Simulations is an ed-tech company focused on bridging the gap between education and employment through skill enhancing Simulations. Our Simulations mimic real corporate work environment with live Indian situations, delivered through excel spreadsheets. All the simulations come with self-scoring automation that help train and test candidates.

Our simulations can be used by educators as a teaching tool; by students as a learning tool; and by employers as a recruitment and training tool.

This initiative is founded by Badri Narayanan, a Chartered Accountant and a former partner at Ernst & Young. He has extensive corporate and teaching experience in the areas of accounting, corporate finance, restructuring, M&A and investing fields.

The simulations are designed by senior practitioner’s having considerable experience in corporates like Ernst & Young, Kotak, Bosch and Crisil. Several leading professors from IIM's, S P Jain, and other prestigious management colleges and senior practitioners from corporates like Kotak and SBI have been consulted for their inputs and feedback.

With over 200 hours of content covering a wide gamut of topics , we help upskill candidates. Indian Capstone Simulations is a product of EquityLevers World Private Limited, Mumbai.

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Who Can Use our services

Businesses and Academia

Recruitments, Training, Exams


Skills Certifications

Advantages to the Users

  • Real Time Data Projects
  • Anti copying features
  • Auto certifications
  • Self learning and video Solutions

How Our Simulations Work

Each simulation is an automated spreadsheet with data, questions, statements and scoring.
Watch how simulations work.


Comprehensive scores help build
track record

Live scoresheet of candidate

Scorecard Scorecard
  • Improves candidate engagement
  • Saves time in assessments
  • Standardized across modules and users
  • Creates “Certified” track record to showcase skills
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Numerous Simulations - a wide range of subjects

Recent Indian situations. Continually updated. Click to view details.

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