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About the product

We introduce a new way to learn finance skills - "by doing" – A personalised finance lab for finance aspirants. Textbooks, videos tend to be passive aids. Candidates need a real practice interface so that skills could be built alongside knowledge. Also, he/ she should be able to carry the work done in his / her resume so that placement discussions become effective. We offer

Educators: Our real time simulations will be suitable for skill building and testing

Candidates will find our certifications suitable for building work skills so that they can demonstrate “work readiness”

Employers will find our real time simulations an effective judge of desk readiness.


• The simulations are designed by senior practitioner’s having considerable experience in corporates like Ernst & Young, Kotak, Bosch and leading professors from IIM's.

• We use technology to personalise real time projects to each candidate and their answers are scored to enable adaptive learning and testing.

• We cover the most essential finance skills needed in real finance and business job roles.

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Who Can Use our services

Businesses and Academia

Recruitments, Training, Exams


Skills Certifications

Advantages to the Users

  • Real Time Data Projects
  • Anti copying features
  • Auto certifications
  • Self learning and video Solutions

What Is On Offer - Our Curated Products

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Get Certified for finance jobs
  • For use by candidates

How to Choose Your Certification
Short subject-wise Tests/ Courses
  • All Users
Skill Library
Our list of real time tests and simulations
  • For use by professors/ trainers and recruiters
Simulations Compendium

Institutional Certifications - Key Job Skills

Each simulation is a spread sheet with real data, questions with numerous features for adaptive learning and testing. We offer skill Certifications that can be administered independently (does not need instructors time) and simulations that can be assigned by instructor/ examiner as per need as tests.


Comprehensive scores help build
track record

Live scoresheet of candidate

Scorecard Scorecard
  • Improves candidate engagement
  • Saves time in assessments
  • Standardized across modules and users
  • Creates “Certified” track record to showcase skills
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What our clients say about us

Prof Kannadhasan

IIM Raipur

Your product is wonderful. I have been wanting to build this type of modules for use by all

Prof R Srinivasan

IIM Bangalore

The two Simulations on financial statements and ratios are well done, of all the modules, these two would be best suited for the intro course that I teach in June.

Prof Hemant Manuj


The financial terminal is a quick and easy way to show live financials in the class. Also your portfolio game is unique. Students had a good time playing the game.

These are some great simulations which provide a practical insight into financial analysis while making it fun at the same time. Would highly recommend this for anyone looking to enhance thier knowledge.

Navya Singhal

MBA 2019-21, IIM Indore

Thanks for providing such an amazing platform!

Omkar Shindekar

BCG, IIM Bangalore

Great simulations, it provides you with various methods for financial analysis. It will help your finance base strengthen.

Deep Gheewala

Finance Enthusiast, IIM Raipur

Our Simulations and Certifications - Mapped To Key Job Skills

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