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Our course modules comprise examples from real world that help explain concepts and key skills required in the real world, and are based on subjects taught at colleges and professional curriculums. Modules have been compiled based on practical skillsets by experts in respective subjects. Repeatedly recognising the patterns and knowldege (Immersion) in this way will improve your learning outcome. Click any of the modules to learn more and start learning and recognise and imbibe patterns. More the practice better learning outcome and confidence! Click subjects below to start learning.

Course Modules

Use our Learning Modules to add live examples to your courses. See example modules below.

Our case examples, taken from listed companies, cover a range of subjects taught at schools, colleges and professional curriculums. Every case is analysed by or under the supervision of experts in the field. Click any of the course below to start learning and recognise and imbibe patterns from real life. Obviously more practice examples, better learning outcome and confidence!

For College / Corporate Trainer

If you are college or corporate trainer and would like to use our modules/ case examples in class sessions for self study or tests write to us @ feedback@equitylevers.com. You will get full access to use / modify cases. Our endevour is to create a useful database that helps improve real world skillsets.

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If you are an experienced analyst, you can work with us in developing case studies for use in colleges and schools.
Industry Specialists, Policy Specialists, Equity Analysts, PMS Advisors etc who can contribute their success stories and learnings for the benefit of education while building their reputation.
1) Publish case studies in your name.
2) Free access to site.
3) Opportunity to earn money on the usage of your cases.
4) Fixed remuneration per case based on your experience
5) Join our panel and get expert leads and assignments
We will revert within 48 hours.

SEBI Regulations: Each case is at least 3 months old. In our view, expressing an analysis on past event for educational purposes is not barred by Sebi laws. We mark all our cases “for use for education purposes only”

Student Community:
Many student analysts from IIMs, NMIMS, FMS etc are learning the science and art of financial analysis in our internship projects.
Please write to us - sei@equitylevers.com


I would like to bring real life experience into class rooms.
Professor Venkatesh, IIM Bangalore.
I believe that equitylevers is a powerful concept and has all the tools required for company analysis and stock picking.
Vinod Nair, Head Academics and Product Development at Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd.
I like the idea.
Vikram Kuriyan, Head Investment Labs, ISB
This is the only Website that provides complete analysis tools, including 20 quarter/ 10 year financial data organised alongside market value in each of the past periods, levers as to what really happened in those periods, and useful learning insights.
Sandeep Erramilli, CFA level 2 cleared.
As of now there is no website that provides levers driving a company in an educational format. Company background, management commentary, fully linked model, 10 year Xray is very useful to analyse a company.
Rahul Gupta, NMIMS, PGP 2019
Real time case studies developed @EquityLevers help bridge gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical implication. Here I worked on the analysis of various companies over multiple facets and it immensely helped me improve my understanding of company & industry as a whole.
Anand Parekar, SIMSREE, MMS 2018
Great learnings from implementing my MBA Finance knowledge for company analysis.
Ganesh Laddhi, JBIMS, PGP Class of 2019
Students like to carry a record of their work to the job market.
Shaleen, FMS, PGP 2019
By studying a company’s operations and finances, equitylevers project helps a student understand the underlying levers at play for the company and industry. With a wealth of experience, the team is very approachable and helps us learn the insights to further enrich our learning.
Venkat Samala. IIM Bangalore, PGP Class of 2019