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An MBA and NISM qualified Research Analyst. She focusses on high growth stocks.


A finance professional with keen focus on Mutual funds investing.


An MBA, she is focussed on equity research with focus on IPOs.

Focus Companies

Focus companies are generated based on our proven growth algorithm (see Market action tab) and are great hunting ground for ideas.

EL Consensus

These estimates are auto generated after each quarter result and modified by our team based on management / news commentary.

Latest ResultsUpdated within 2 hours of results announcement!

* Users can create personalised Reports and send to clients

Easy Financial Models with Data and Estimates

Share price moves up /down on estimates of future profits; if company delivers on the estimates, price moves up further. Professional fund managers have sophisticated tools. We offer similar tools to all investors, because we need to protect our hard earned money. Investors should be able to establish for themselves if a company is worth investing in and plan exits. Our Easy models will help you track more companies & seek out stock Ideas.

Our easy tools allow investors to make projections and valuation estimates for the next quarter and for upto 3 years forward. Your estimate will be highlighted as red Dot in the forward period in convenient and beautiful charts. Fully Personalised with your estimates.

Why investors should take control

Economist says “SELL-SIDE” analysts, whose firms make money from trading and investment banking, are bullish.” “Latest figures from FactSet, a financial-data provider, show that 49% of firms in the S&P 500 index of leading companies are currently rated as “buy”, 45% are rated as “hold”, and just 6% are rated as “sell”. In the past year, 30% of S&P 500 companies yielded negative returns.”

We provide easy to use model templates, reliable past data and estimates which you can toggle to run “what if scenarios” to determine the future for your investments. We will make available estimates from advisor your trust.

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Personalised Valuations Charts

Create insightful valuation charts with your own estimates. This graph shows your forward valuation multiple alongside historic multiples just like professional tools.

Investor Hub - Convenient Mobile APP

Get insights from your trusted advisor directly on your mobile. Advisor Plaform will deliver advise from your brokers, anlaysts, mutual fund, or alternate asset advisor direct to your mobile. Mobile app is data rich - data that you can use for managing your investments - stock screeners, summary reports for each company, industry scans & more.

(If your trusted advisor is not available on our panel, request them to speak to us. It is free, convenient and effective)

Versatile Report Creation Tool

Your estimates and charts are available for use in your equity research reports. Our report tool come pre-equiped with 30 insightful charts available in a easy drop down. Plus add any image, excel charts, and text to give insight to your reports. We will keep adding more useful data and tools to make your reports insightful.

Full Financial Terminal

All the features of a conventional financial terminal - your personal reserach platform, with unique forward estimates and analysis.


  • Convenient and simple tools that help me create advice and share with clients as & when I see opportunities. All in one place for the client – keeping in touch with client is easy

    • Mutual Fund advisor
  • I can actually help my clients making buy and sell decisions. More trade opportunities for my business

    • Sub Broker
  • As a technical analyst it is easy for me to communicate with client many times a day.

    • Technical Analyst
  • I can track more companies. Predicting future estimate is simple

    • Fundamental Analyst
  • Isights and tools that work.

    • Investor


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